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Why Factory Refurbished

The networking hardware market has experienced astounding growth in the past 10 years as private, non-profit and public enterprises seek to stretch ever-tightening technology budgets without compromising quality and dependability. Whether you are the owner of a small start-up or the IT manager at a bank or school, Venture Network Solutions (VNS) will be your PARTNER in making intelligent technology decisions.

Buying factory refurbished equipment from VNS allows you to:

  • Achieve the maximum return on your investment by cutting core networking costs.
  • Capitalize on the value of a factory refurbished item, while maintaining the same quality, support and functionality of a new product.
  • Pay significantly less than the new list price list price..
  • Every purchase from Venture Network Solutions is backed by the manufacturer's warranty and eligible for a support contract and support from a Cisco-certified technician.
  • Follow a green business model by buying factory refurbished network equipment, rather than purchasing brand new equipment made from new materials. 

Before you make a purchase, our VNS consultants and sales team will strive to better understand your network needs and offer reciprocal solutions. We want your business to succeed!