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Note: Do not include '-' or '/' in your search query. Please include only numbers (0-9) and letters (a-z). For example, if searching for WS-X6748-GE-TX then ony enter the letters and numbers WSX6748GETX.


Venture Network Solutions is your new source for new, used, refurbished networking hardware including Cisco routers, switches and accessories. We have a large and constantly updating inventory of used Cisco routers, switches and accessories in the market for purchase with immediate delivery.

For items that we do not have in-stock, we will work diligently and with your best interests in mind to source that product within our nationwide network of IT partners and businesses.

Please browse our product offering below, or if you know exactly what product you are looking for use our convenient Search Engine.

After selecting the hardware you desire, please fill in the Request for Quote form which will be instantly emailed to one of our VNS Customer Service associates. You will receive a response within 24 hours regarding your inquiry.